• Aciviades


    Sole survivor of the lost eladrin colony of Celwynvian, Alciviades seeks the secrets to the destruction of his childhood home.
  • Aenghus MacGregor

    Aenghus MacGregor

    Son of a famous adventurer and Disciple of Sarai, Aenghus has traveled across Brottanis to follow the voice of his Goddess and forge his own destiny.
  • Delphine LaRue

    Delphine LaRue

    [DECEASED] One of the original members of the group, Del was a gnome warrior of great skill, fierce and fiery of temperament, who gave her life defending the party against a great evil.
  • Ihsan Drakewood

    Ihsan Drakewood

    Warlord, scion of an ancient and forlorn lineage, seeking the lost hairloom blade that will return his family to glory
  • Rhyme, son of Dragash

    Rhyme, son of Dragash

    Bronze-scaled and raised to be the Chosen One who is prophesied to bring glory to a reborn dragonborn people, Rhyme seeks his destiny in the frontier far to the north of his home, learning the arcane secrets of the younger races
  • Samael


    An Avenger of the Lord of Civilization, Samael was once a mighty angel-- the Right Hand of Arturian. Cast down and now mortal, he seeks to regain the favor of his God.
  • "Celeste"


    Appeared to the party in a dream in the form of a lovely female eladrin; suspected to be a divine messenger of some kind.
  • Alein Hightower

    Alein Hightower

    Nicknamed "The Stone Blade" for her tall musculature and stoic nature, she serves the Fallcrest region as a servant of Arturian. Currently training the neophyte paladin Torea.
  • Allustan Bleakstone

    Allustan Bleakstone

    The Sage of Fallcrest; owner of the largest library outside of the Keep, source of information and guidance.
  • Berethor Drakewood

    Berethor Drakewood

    Brother to Ihsan and a cleric of Rhaine, the goddess of prophecy and death, Berethor believes he knows the *true* fate of the blade Destiny and has vowed to expose his brother's lies to their family.
  • Brother Grundelmar Greystone

    Brother Grundelmar Greystone

    Stodgy dwarven curmudgeon and Keeper of the Church of the Wall in Fallcrest.
  • Euclid Starmantle

    Euclid Starmantle

    Brother to Ilya and cousin to Alciviades, Euclid travels the Nentir vale as an emissary of the eladrin city-state of Mithrendain, gathering news of the lands beyond the eladrin's mountain home.
  • Ilya Starmantle

    Ilya Starmantle

    Born into the third most powerful family in the eladrin city of Mithrendain, she is a born politician and a shrewd young eladrin woman. Both cousin and close friend to Alciviades.
  • Jilna Ashford

    Jilna Ashford

    Flighty, slightly ditzy acolyte serving at the Church of the Wall.
  • Khellek


    Wizard-For-Hire and a member of the secretive Ebon Cabal, Khellek travels with Sir Auric and lets the musclebound fighter think that he's the brains of their adventuring group while manipulating the man from the shadows.
  • Krava, daughter of Dragash

    Krava, daughter of Dragash

    little sister of Rhyme and member of Krava's anti-Chosen clique, but still *believes* in her big brother
  • Laurel


    Herbalist and apprentice alchemist tasked with selling her Mistress' goods at the Harvest Faire from a small booth.
  • Lieutenant Shella Ashford

    Lieutenant Shella Ashford

    Forthright, businesslike warrior and temporary leader of the Fallcrest Town Guard.
  • Lord Demetrius Drakewood

    Lord Demetrius Drakewood

    Grandfather to Ihsan and Lord of the Tulvercross--Nenlast region; firm, fair and just to his people with a warm, generous heart especially to his family.
  • Lord Duncan Karstellan

    Lord Duncan Karstellan

    The aging Lord of Fallcrest, the responsibility for governance rests heavy on the shoulders of this wizened, stooped but still canny old man.
  • Old Gurdy

    Old Gurdy

    Ancient, more-than-slightly-creepy fortune teller with some kind of prophetic and divine power. Told the fortunes of the party.
  • Rennida Aurieth

    Rennida Aurieth

    Disowned by her family and sent from the gates of the elven city of Shuul Vath, Rennida now lives in the city of Fallcrest, hiring herself as a mercenary spellcaster.
  • Sir Auric Waters

    Sir Auric Waters

    A huge, powerful warrior and known far and wide as a Knight of Albion, Sir Auric has overcome his bastard birth and risen to the heights of glory by winning the Champion's Belt in the Hammerfast Arena. He travels as an adventurer, seeking his fortune wher
  • Suresan Starmantle

    Suresan Starmantle

    Voting member of the High Council of Mithrendain, father to Ilya and uncle to Alciviades; founder of the destroyed Cendriane colony; rabidly suspicious of Alciviades for being the only survivor of the event that destroyed his political career. Bitter, vic
  • Teldorthan Ironhews, "Old Tel"

    Teldorthan Ironhews, "Old Tel"

    Wrinkled and wizened old dwarf who keeps his ear as close to the ground as it will get in his old age; has strange connection to the MacGregor family.
  • Tirra


    Elven beauty with ties to the Thieves' Guild of Hammerfast, Tirra adventures with Auric and Khellek for the sheer exhiliaration of it in between jobs in the dwarven city...that, and it makes for a source of income she doesn't owe a piece to the Guild.
  • Torea Brightwater

    Torea Brightwater

    Young, eager, forthright neophyte paladin of Arturian; under the tutelage of Alein Hightower; "padawan paladin"
  • Valasaar, son of Kralek

    Valasaar, son of Kralek

    Filled with rage at being set aside as the Chosen One in favor of Rhyme, Valasaar holds nothing but contempt in his heart for the so-called Messiah of the dragonborn people.
  • Valdegan


    Most powerful spellcaster in Fallcrest; Master-Level Arcanist with the Council Arcane; teacher to Camett Horne