Alein Hightower

Nicknamed "The Stone Blade" for her tall musculature and stoic nature, she serves the Fallcrest region as a servant of Arturian. Currently training the neophyte paladin Torea.


Quote: “I’ve tracked down serial killers, fought in the Elsir War, and served my god with honor for over 20 years. I’ve got scars older than you. I think I’ve earned a rest.”

Background: Alein Hightower hails from somewhere in southern Albion and trained under Barristan the Bold, one of the most famed paladins to dedicate his blade to Arturian. When she completed her training, she headed to the Elsir Vale in time for the famous Battle of Brindol where the hobgoblin army of the Red Hand was finally stopped. She has ridden the length and breadth of Brittanis during her time in the service of Arturian, and after a multitude of adventures finally settled down in Fallcrest with a new quest: teaching and training the next generation of paladins.

Roleplaying Notes: Alein has a low, slightly masculine voice after suffering severe lung and throat damage while saving many innocents from fires caused by a red dragon during the Battle of Brindol. She is businesslike and even gruff to civilians ans has no time for laziness or freeloaders. A follower of Arturian, however, earns a measure of respect from her immediately.

Alein Hightower

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