An Avenger of the Lord of Civilization, Samael was once a mighty angel-- the Right Hand of Arturian. Cast down and now mortal, he seeks to regain the favor of his God.


Wisdom Weapon Attacks: +12 Wisdom Weapon Damage: 1d8+7 HP: 55 AC: 20 Fort: 15 Reflex: 17 Will: 19 Initiative: +3


Bel Shalor’s influence is as wide spread and far reaching as his tentacles. Even the heavenly court of Arturian is not safe from it’s grasp. Due to Bel Shalor’s corrupting sway on the court, Samael, the Right Hand of Arturian, was banished from the Celestial Realm, and found himself on Aerys.

After becoming mortal, Samael had divine powers, but did not understand why. After being visited by a “divine messenger” and shown visions of his past, he was challenged to accept his divinity and reclaim his rightful spot in the heavenly court.

Samael adventured with a group for a while, but then struck out on his own, feeling that he could undertake his task on his own. After a short while, he realized that this was not true. He has recently chanced in to his old adventuring group, and is currently investigating the strange happenings in Fallcrest.


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